The "Alternative" Alternate Light Source (ALS) for Crime Scene and Forensic work


XeLED-Ni4UV-MR6-455-K (455nm plus white)
Kit Price $350
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XeLED-Ni4UV-MR6-CSE-K (385nm / 455nm / white)
Kit priuce $TBD

Rechargeable LiIon batteries and charger included.
New! Four high flux Cree emitters at 455nm for crime scene work, plus a white mode.
This model produces more than 6X the intensity of our Cr1BL flashlight when on High mode (3X the intensity on Low mode).
This high flux 455nm low/high/white crime scene light REPLACES OUR LANTERN in intensity and versatility!
At 2' working distance, the beam diameter is about 1' across,.and smooth thanks to our diffusing front element..
Kit includes custom case and U60 viewing glasses, 2x18650 cells, and battery charger.
Available in 455nm plus white, and 385nm/455nm/white.

DATASHEET (455nm only version)
DATASHEET (385nm/455nm selectable version)


The "DFW" - Diffuse Neutral White 3W Cree emitter, diffuse glass lens. lens optics (no reflector).
NOT a tactical beam! This beam does NOT shine for miles! This beam is NOT harsh at the edges! This beam is NOT hard on your eyes!
Smooth enough in close work, bright enough to work at several feet.
Available now on Crime Scene / Forensics pages. Price $60. DATASHEET

An available kit with the DFW and our 455nm crime scene evidence collection light for $220

Petzl PIXA series
In stock now

Xenopus Electronix Ultraviolet and Blue Crime Scene and Forensic Alternative Light Sources

Reliable solid-state Blue and UV emission, available in various wavelengths down to 365nm.

Regulated, non-regulated, single-wavelength, selectable-wavelength, 20 through 40-LED versions.

Reliable threaded module insertion, glass lens, retains original product's water-resistant seals.
UltraLite ALS Complete Kit with all accessories, $4895
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Complete kit deltails here

Kit contents:

GUARANTEE: All products have an application-specific guarantee -- if the device fails to perform in your specific application, it can be returned for upgrade to a different wavelength/model or for a full refund (minus shipping).

WARNING: LED Radiation may be harmful to eye, avoid direct and strongly reflected exposure. 365nm through 390nm LEDs can be considered Class 1M LED Product.

LIMITATION ON LIABILITY: In no event will Xenopus Electronix, LLC, be held liable to any party for any direct, indirect, special or other consequential damages for any use or misuse of these flashlights, including, without limitation, any damage to persons or property, through direct or indirect use.

At the Texas Sheriffs Association conference, we demonstrate a PathFinder shoeprint lift from newspaper onto mylar film.

Yes! We do custom work. Email for inquiries.

Yes! MADE IN Texas, USA!